Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Porch Continues to Evolve

     The Cedar Rapids Miniature club met last Saturday, and I added a number of finishing touches to the front porch project. When club members tackle a big project like this, we end up with everyone moving at different speeds, and so I'm constantly trying to help members catch up or stay up with the project.

     There are some steps I need to do yet, but it's getting close to being done...for now, at least. I'll need to gather a variety of items for all of the seasons so that I can decorate the porch according to the time of year it is. 

     As you can see from the picture, the siding is completed. Last weekend I finished with gluing up the slats that fit beneath the porch. The week before that, I put together the porch swing, painted it, and then hung it from the porch ceiling. 

     Now, here's a fun and somewhat incredible detail about this. The couple are not mine. They belong to one of our club members. When I brought the porch to miniature club, Linda took out this little couple. We set them in the swing, and their feet and the woman's dress fit just perfectly in relation to the floor! It was amazing. I had tried to set the swing at what I thought would be about 16" in height, and obviously, the sculptor adhered to that standard, too. What fun!

     At right is a photograph of the ceiling of the front porch. I could have ordered pre-cut wood with the individual boards etched into it (like the car siding we so often see in many old Craftsman and Victorian style homes). I decided, instead, to make my own. 

     I used the thinner one of my mini table saw blades, and set it so that it barely peeked out above the table surface. I cut about 1/32" from the 3/32" board - enough to put a noticeable groove into the boards, but not so deep that the overall stability of the boards was endangered. (Sorry about the visual distortion. Taking such a close-up picture apparently caused some curving of the visual lines.)

     In my next post, I will share about the jig I created for gluing up the slats for under the porch. I also will share with you one of the glaring oopsies I encountered with shingling the front of the house in the triangular section above the porch.

     Then I'll need to do a post about the window shades and the roof. The shingles I got from an estate sale were just too thick for my taste, but I loved their texture. So, I ran them through my table saw, one at a time, to make them thinner. I'll tell you all about it, and share some pictures. 

     Next steps: Glue on the roof, paint the railings, and install them, and then start making flowers.


Anna said...

What impeccable detail! Now *my* Craftsman porch ceiling will have to have individual boards, too - or at least the appearance of them!

Giac said...

Hello George,
Your work really is like looking at a real life size picture. I am blwn away at how realistic every single detail is. Nothing ruins the illusion!...well, except the little couple,but the structure is mind blowing quality. I very mucha dmire your work.

Neen said...

Beautiful work!

John said...

Your attention to detail is truly admirable!

Marisa said...

i just cant stop looking at it, the detail is amazing.

elizabeth s said...

Hi George! Your yellow bungalow is looking really good and the front porch is delightful! The porch swing is a good finishing touch and I can hear an old timey song
"By the Lght of the Silvery Moon", going around in my head as I look at the little couple on the front porch swing. croonin and a spoonin.


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