Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Paper It Looked Easy!

The shop drawings I created made it look so easy! Using art from my Victorian scale cabinetmaker book and some of my own ideas, I sketched up the design for this walnut project. I still think it's do-able. It just may take more thinking and manipulating than I had expected. But that's what makes a project fun and exciting. It's also one of those items that when it's done, people will look at it and say, "How did you do that?" Well, at least I HOPE that's what they say. At the left are the spindles I made on my new lathe. The one on the left was the first item I made on this lathe. I felt I could do better. So I tried again. I like #2 a lot better, and it's a little truer to my original drawing. Both of these spindles are a little less than 2" tall. I'll share some more about this project with you soon. I promise!

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