Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Closer!

We are truly making progress with our front porch projects. The pillars in the front now connect to the roof. The windows and the front door are glued in place . The porch floor is laid. The steps are in, though they need several more coats of paint! Now I'm working on the siding.

If I were doing this like many dollhouse builders, I would have glued the siding in place and then glued the windows and corner boards OVER the siding. I'm not doing that.

In looking at old houses, it appears that the windows don't stick out that much from the siding; so I'm doing my best to be authentic. That's a pain when you get to the spots where the window sill projects out 1/16" from the left and right sides of the window. I then have to cut out my siding to fit around that little projection precisely.

You perfectionists with a discerning eye might notice on the window on the right, the siding is only about 2" (scale) in width below the window; so I have LOTS of fun trying to cut THAT out. I also discovered at this point that somehow I glued in the right window between 1/64 and 1/32 of and inch higher than the left window in each pair of windows. That plays havoc when you want the siding to run evenly across the bottom below both windows. Yikes!

Our club members are beginning to talk about their color schemes for their houses. It's always fun to see how other club members personalize these projects with their choice of colors and decore. We all start with the same idea/framework and then take it from there.

I'm hoping to get the rest of the siding done by next week. Then it's on to doing the front porch swing. Then the shingles on the triangle above the porch. Then the roof. Then more shingles on the roof. Then the porch railings and the slats under the front porch, followed by some flowers or maybe I'll be lazy and just create some ferns to go there! And last, but not least, the Welcome sign to go across the base.

After that, I can begin to decorate for various seasons, which makes me realize I need to make the flowers/ferns removeable so that I can pile some snow in front of the house for winter time, some pumpkins and leaves in the fall, and tulips or daffodils for the spring.


miraclechicken said...

So glad to see you posting! I LOVE the pillars, such realism just blew me away! Your ideas are so inspiring---

Catherine said...

Oh my this is just BEAUTIFUL! I love how real your brick and stone look. I never would have noticed that one window was a bit higher if you had not mentioned it. I am looking forward to seeing the swing. I adore the narrow boards on the front porch ceiling.
It is so very good to see a new post from you George!!!

John said...

I like that you're installing the siding like a 'real life' house --the siding butting against the window trim. It looks so much more realistic that way.

Margaret said...

I love your house George, it reminds me of the first house I grew up in, in Tasmania. Must be similar styles to where you are.

George the Miniguy said...

Thanks to all four of you for your nice comments! To miracle... I will post more about the bricks. That was a "trick" we did to get them to continue around the post.
To Catherine, thank you for noticing the narrow boards on the front porch. I actually manufactured sheets of those boards for myself, running sheet stock through the thinnest table saw blade I have, then cut the sheet stock into the 4" sheets to lay them in side-by-side to create the narrow boards.
To John...thanks! I think it looks more realistic, too, but it is really challenging. I cut one of my boards short by somewhere between 1/64 and 1/128 of an inch, and you could see the gap. I had to cut another piece for that spot!
To Margaret, yes, the house you grew up in could very well have been a Sears Robuck house. Many of the old Craftsman houses were available as kits that the home owner would purchase and then build. I wouldn't be surprised if Sears shipped it to Tasmania!

Troy said...

The porch looks great - lots of details and eye candy.

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

I thought I was looking at your own porch that you was doing up, I thoughb this is different to show your own home, then as I read I realised it was mini, wow, so realistic, had me fooled
Please could I make a request, do you have to have the word verification for your comments, some times it takes me 3 goes before I get it right, just a thought, please do not be offended

Philip said...

Magnificent! The combinations of textures and colors are really great. The Craftsmen style door
looks so authentic. I look forward to seeing it

Anonymous said...

Please don't underestimate your artistic ability and skill. I've seen the Thorne rooms in Chicago twice and am every bit impressed by your work; which, by the way is done just by you -- not a staff of many craftsmen as in the case of the Thorne rooms!

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