Saturday, January 30, 2010

Uh-Oh! Problems...

I thought it was going to be so easy. All I had to do was to run my board through the table saw, turn it over and cut the other side. Then I planned to take a saw and cut out the piece of remaining wood between the two cuts. I saw it done on a video I watched recently for how to cut thin pieces of wood from a piece of wood too tall for the saw blade.

The video had included the idea for using a simple jig (a piece of wood fixed up to hold my board) that would help me cut thin pieces of wood. A quick glance at the photo on the left appears to be okay, but it wasn't.

What happened was that my jig wasn't square. I ended up with a piece of wood that got progressively thinner as I pushed the board through the saw.

So... next step? I'm going to review my video again. Then I'm going to repair or build a new jig. Then try it again. Fortunately, I have a good quantity of walnut wood that I can make some mistakes and still not be out of wood. It just means that part of the original block of wood I showed in my blog back before Christmas will not be part of this project...

Here's another side view of the same piece of wood... I tried a second time on the other face of the board, and doggone if it didn't come out the same way. I thought maybe I had just held the wood incorrectly as I used the jig. Apparently, not so!

I know this is going much more slowly than one would think it should take. That's partly because I've been working on curtains for Sara's house, too. My next two posts will include updates on what's going on with those.
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